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Employee Spotlight : Brian Husmann

Job Title: Parking Lot Maintenance / Asphalt Specialist / Lot Painting & Striping

Have you ever wondered how we get so much done at Martinson? Employees like Brian Husmann are the backbone of everything we do and we are incredibly proud to have Brian on our team working hard for you.

Description of responsibilities:I perform parking lot upkeep and repair, infrared heat patching, pothole repair, large patch cutout and replacement, roller machine/compactor operation, parking lot painting and striping services and SNOW REMOVAL/Ice mitigation!

Short Bio:

I'm 38. I was born May 1, 1979, in Aurora, CO.

I've lived in Bismarck, ND, Sacramento, CA and Nashville, TN! I've been living back here since 2008.

I love the Colorado outdoors!

Working at Martinson Since:

I started working for Martinson in '08. I’ve been working for them full-time since 2014.

Hours Worked Per Week: 40

Why Martinson? It's the not-so-small company that still feels like a small company. It is a pleasure to work for Mr. Larry Martinson. He knows more about his employees than any other employer I've ever worked for. He genuinely cares about his employees, and it shows. Everyone that works for Martinson is friendly and I consider many of these fine people close friends. It’s a reflection of Mr. Martinson's love for what he does. It is such a fantastic company! AND WE GET TO GO FISHING!!! Case closed.

Daily Work Soundtrack:

6:30 A.M.-- “What I Got” (Sublime)

7:30 A.M.-- “Go to Church” (Ice Cube)

8:00 A.M.-- “Hands of a Workin' Man” (Zane Williams)

12:00 P.M.—“Big Green Tractor” (Jason Aldean)

2:00 P.M.-- “Break Stuff” (Limp Bizkit)

4:00 P.M.-- “All I Do Is Win” (DJ Khaled)

5:00 P.M.-- “Jack Daniels” (Eric Church)

Fun Fact:

I caught the largest fish EVER LANDED in Colorado History!!


I take pride in the work that we do. We do the BEST asphalt, paint and snow removal jobs IN THE STATE! I love my crew!

Outside the Office Hobbies/Interests:

Fishing, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Fishing, Singing, Fishing, Golf and Fishing. Did I mention fishing?


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