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Colorado Property Concrete Maintenance

It's almost Summer!

Schedule your asphalt and concrete projects now. Get your property ready for 
summer with Martinson.


Winter snow and ice can wreak havoc on your parking lots, creating cracks and potholes. Martinson is here to help! 

We offer complete asphalt and concrete maintenance from striping and sweeping to filling and patching.


  • Crack Fill/Seal Coating
  • Asphalt Mill Remove and Replace
  • Infrared Patching
  • Concrete Construction/Removal & Replace
  • Traffic Signs 
  • Striping ​
Call Todd at 303.424.3708 to schedule a FREE assessment.


We work to ensure our clients' parking lots are safe, compliant and easy to navigate. Cracks, potholes, and uneven pavement are frequently caused by the freezing/thawing of the snow that falls all winter long. These ailments are blanketed by snow during the winter months and are dangerous to the people walking and driving on your property. If left unfixed, the cracks and potholes will ruin your asphalt. We work to keep our clients’ properties safe and inviting. Here’s how:


Crack Fill/Seal Coating protects your asphalt with sealer and is the best way to prevent parking lot deterioration. After breaches in your asphalt are filled, the seal coating is applied on top of your pavement
to form a protective topcoat that enhances resistance to skidding and increases the asphalt pavement life.


Infrared patching is the latest technology in parking lot maintenance. Martinson uses infrared heat to make a section of your asphalt hot enough to become workable material. Then, Martinson rakes the area, adds new asphalt, fills potholes and grades the lot to achieve proper drainage.


Striping Martinson performs all striping, traffic pattern and control work for new and existing parking lot surfaces. These services include signage, parking block and curb painting, traffic sign installation and removal of pre-existing striping. Martinson can get striping for seal coats and painting projects done faster in order to save you time without depending on another company's schedule.


For locations with concrete parking lots, Martinson provides high-quality services to remove and excavate existing concrete and install a new base. Then, Martinson will stabilize and tie to existing concrete to prevent settling. Martinson’s capabilities include a full line of concrete services:
Retaining walls

Traffic Signs
Repair and replace parking lot signs to address new safety technologies, traffic management/control and ensure signs are meeting minimum reflectivity standards.


Our attention to detail marks our dedication to quality service and work performance. We know the importance of keeping your parking spaces visible and your parking lot looking its best.

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